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The bookkeeper and Founder

Estefania Torres

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After earning a bachelors degree in Economics, where she analyzed microeconomic data for developing countries, she decided to put her analytical skills to helping business owners with their finances.
She worked for several years with a small business helping business owners manage their QuickBooks accounts, provide training on the program and teach them how to use their financial records effectively.
She then started a business focused on creating feasible management plans for small business and startup budgets. Many businesses have QuickBooks Online accounts but do not fully utilize the financial tools available to them to lead their businesses to success. Other businesses pay for the subscription and then fail to set-up or keep up their books. With  feasible monthly management strategies, anyone can have consistent financial records and utilize them to grow their business.

Crown Consulting's methodology is focused on organizing your business structure and finances strategically so you can make informed decisions for your business. Increasing profit and filing for taxes doesn't have to be frustrating or time-consuming. With consistent bookkeeping management, Crown Consulting takes your QuickBooks Online account and transforms it into your most powerful financial tool.

Why Bookkeeping?


In order to control how much you are planning to spend in certain aspects of your business, you first have to know what you are spending on. Oftentimes monthly subscription payments begin to add up over time and you lose track of what you are buying. Financial records for budgeting is integral to preventing paying for services that you are not using anymore.

2.Business sale

Having accurate financial records is imperative whether you are purchasing or buying a business. It is the foundation for determining the value of a business and verifying the income the business actually makes throughout the year. 


There will be a point in your business where you may want to grow with the help of funds from a bank or credit card. Whether you are purchasing a building, vehicle, or equipment, most will not provide funds without financial reports.

4.Avoid Audits

When it comes to paying off taxes, many businesses wait until the last second to get the information required. They inevitably end up having to pay a much higher tax filing fee to a tax preparer to get this task done on time. Without the due diligence of consistent financial records, IRS audits are much more likely and a costly process to undergo. 

5.debt tracking

Over time, as a business grows, they begin to open credit lines to cover the cost of expanding. The opening of several credit lines, however, can easily go awry without a set tracking system. With QuickBooks Online, each of the credit cards and loans can be tracked throughout the year. Never pay late fees again!

6.peace of mind

All of the above reasons for having a bookkeeping system are only a fraction of the benefits received from a consistent bookkeeping plan. What they all have in common is that you will have a peace of mind regarding your finances.

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